Top Features of Practice EMR Software

If you're looking for practice EMR software, there are several things to consider. The primary features to consider are: accessibility and productivity. With immediate access and alerts, family practitioners will find medical care much easier to deliver. These support features will help increase practice efficiency, as well. Here are a few of the top ones:


Athenahealth's billing tools rely on the athenaNet network and help optimize financial performance. While the software does not replace a medical biller, clients should retain one. During check-in, the biller pulls patient insurance information and reviews ICD-10 and CPT codes. It scrubs claims in eight seconds. The software promises to pay most claims within two business days. To help physicians avoid late payment penalties, athenahealth EMR offers a service that will help them submit claims faster.

Cloud Based 

Athenahealth also focuses on value-added cloud-based services, including free coaching for collections and a Client Service Center to field any general EHR questions and problems. This is a big deal in this day and age. With free training and a dedicated account manager, athenahealth provides comprehensive customer support. The customer service team also has access to a general customer service line. Finally, athenahealth offers a number of integrated solutions to help practices meet their workflow needs.

Patient Portal

Athenahealth has many features for practices of all sizes. For example, the Patient Portal helps you automate outreach campaigns and identify patients who need flu shots. The portal also offers countless customization options, so your practice logo can be displayed on it. Improved patient engagement is another feature of athenahealth practice EMR software. By increasing patient engagement, you will increase patient satisfaction and retain patients. If you're interested in learning more about athenahealth's patient portal, please contact their representative at 800-433-7977.

Reduced Administrative Burden

The cloud-based athenahealth practice EMR software has a friendly user interface and makes it easy to enter patient information. The software also helps reduce the administrative burden, such as navigating through patient records. It also includes athenaText, which eliminates the risk of compromising patient data and enables HIPPA-compliant communication with patients. There are many features and benefits of athenahealth practice EMR software, and you can decide for yourself if this product fits your needs.

Patient Centric WorkFlow

Athenahealth customer success representatives are experienced in the specialty of your practice and will assist you as needed. The software's steep learning curve is not for everyone, however. The system's patient-centric workflow makes it convenient for those who have experience with the system, but it can be confusing for new users. Fortunately, athenahealth offers training in specific roles. They are always available to answer any questions that you might have about athenahealth.

Intuitive User Interface

In addition to the intuitive user interface, Athenahealth also offers customizable modules and integrations. As a result, Athenahealth can help you manage all aspects of your practice. Basic licenses start at $140 per month for each user. Customized integrations and advanced features can cost as much as $2500 or more. The company offers comprehensive support and is a great option for medical practices with multiple doctors and a small staff.

Quality Patient Care

Athenahealth is an industry leader when it comes to electronic health records. They have been named a Best in KLAS award winner for their two top-performing product solutions for 2022. Their solutions help physicians adapt to change and focus on providing quality patient care. They connect healthcare with mobile tools, cloud-based services, and analytics. Athenahealth strives to help providers thrive in today's ever-changing industry.

Final Verdict

Athenahealth's practice management software offers many benefits, including a web-based platform, an extensive rules database, and back-office services. Moreover, it doesn't come with a start-up fee, so there are no hidden costs. The system takes care of the bulk of the administrative work for doctors and medical practices. Furthermore, it takes care of denial management and eligibility checking. This system also helps physicians keep track of patient communications.

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The Athenahealth software includes patient portals, a calendar, and more. With a flexible calendar, it can be customized to the needs of individual providers. The software also includes patient intake checklists, which contain information such as family history, allergies, and medications. A patient can be seated in an exam room based on their history. The Vitals tab also allows midlevel providers to record vitals. Patients can also view a 13-month medication history.


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